If you can’t see His hand…..

…and we don’t know His plan, trust His heart.”
These are the some of the words from one of my favourite songs. My brothers and sisters in Christ, if only we knew how much God loves us. If only we understood how deeply committed God is to our well being. If only we appreciated the pain that God endured when He gave His only Son to the human race that we might live. The pain and anguish God suffered when Jesus cried those mournful words “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” A pain never before experienced by the heart of God, and yet felt every time when just one member of His beloved creation turns away from Him. A pain and anguish He feels when He knows that His offer of mercy and grace has been spurned for the last time, and He reluctantly withdraws His Holy Spirit from that one’s life. Yet conversely, the total joy and excitement in heaven by the Father, His Son, and all the angels at the acceptance of Jesus by just one repentant sinner. If we understood just a fraction of the depth and extent of God’s love, we would not doubt His guiding hand, we would not fear tomorrow, we would trust His love and surrender to Him utterly.
We can do that my friends. Though we cannot see what tomorrow may bring, especially in these last days, though we do not know the end from the beginning, we can be assured that God does. He sees all the pitfalls and swamps and mountains ahead of us, and will guide us accordingly. He has already made provision for every contingency. Nothing takes Him by surprise, there is not one thing that can happen to us for which He is not prepared. He loves us. He loves us! He loves us! God loves us!!! With a passion !!!! He is head over heels in love with you!!! Trust in that love. Hope in that love. Believe in that love. Rest in that love.
Though you may not understand everything that God does, though you may not understand anything else regarding the nature of God, if you can know His love, then you know Him. “And this is life eternal, if ye know God, and Jesus Christ Whom He has sent”. God is love. Immerse yourself in His love. Immerse yourself in Him. He is to be trusted with your life. Surrender all to Him, and know the joy and peace He brings.
And if anyone has difficulty in their present circumstance grasping the depth of the love of God, look to the cross. Look to the life and death of Jesus. God’s love personified, exemplified and magnified by His Son. Like Father like Son. Jesus did not die to convince the Father to love you. Jesus died because the Father loves you.
“If you cant see His hand, and you don’t know His plan, trust His heart…. “

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