President Obama and Islam

There has been for some time much debate over President Obama’s relationship with Islam. The controversy received some added impetus last year around August when Obama expressed admiration for Islamic culture and architecture.

As for his admiration of Islamic culture and architecture etc, I have no problem with that.  Syrian Christian communities worshiped in domed churches 5oo years before Islam. Nor do I have a problem with the presence of Muslims in America, (or in NZ for that matter.) We as Christians demand freedom for ourselves to worship according to the dictates of our conscience, should we not extend that same freedom to others? America was founded by way of escape from European royal and papal oppression, yet the constitution made provision for that very same freedom they strove for to be extended to their former enemies, and the huge influx of Irish in particular and other European immigrants of Catholic heritage was a just and fair outcome. Muslims too have enjoyed the freedoms that America has offered, many of them escaping oppressive regimes themselves. The huge increase in the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court of practicing Catholics is evidence to the justice of the American political system.
Obama’s statement that America is not at war with Islam, as far as I am concerned,  is great news. It is not Islam that terrorizes the world today with suicide bombers and other acts of murder and kidnappings. It was not Islam that flew planes into the trade towers.  It is individuals who are fanatically fueled by hatred who happen to be Muslim, aided and abetted I suspect by secret third column traitors within the American government. I also suspect however that Obama is, along with most other presidents of the past 50 years or so, a cog in that same third column. Conspiracy theorist? What me? Perhaps, but there is strong evidence in support of such.
There is a massive paranoid culture permeating the “Christian west” that sees Islam as something akin to the antichrist, if not the antichrist himself.  This, regardless of the fact that there is no Biblical evidence for such a conclusion; in fact, quite the contrary.  Little wonder that Jesus and Revelation says the world would be deceived. Satan has the world looking in the completely wrong direction and the world is going into the last days blind and deceived. They are vilifying a red herring while at the same time cosying up to the real enemy.

Protestantism is such in name only. To “protest” Rome’s apostasy and uphold Biblical truth without the mix of tradition and man-made commandments is viewed today as politically and religiously “incorrect”. The Vatican is in fact actively engaged in political lobbying to have any anti-Catholic teaching regarded as hate speech.

While strong Catholic participation in the political world is constitutionally sound, American protestantism, and the liberties that protestantism has brought to the world through American republicanism,  are under threat. Papal dogma demands loyalty to Rome first, and the country second. Rome has never given up her ambition to rule the world. As she once had in Europe during the dark ages, so will she obtain globally in a short while. Our freedoms to worship according to the dictates of our own consciences will then be utterly destroyed.

The whore (RCC) and the beast (the state) will once again rule over men, and impose their particular brand of doctrine upon all. The controversy of the last days is centered around worship, not a bar-code or credit card. The mark of the beast is a mark of the RCC, not the mark of an international banking conglomerate.

President Obama, ably and keenly assisted by various Jesuit trained non-Catholic (Clinton) and Catholic leaders on both sides of the political divide, is bringing America to Rome, not Mecca.

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