Dishonest Apologetics

I am nonplussed and grieved at the dishonesty with which certain critics make it their life work to attack the church to which they once belonged. I am always ready and willing to open my Bible and study whatever issues they may have with our church’s doctrines and beliefs…I do not fear the truth, nor do I hide behind rhetoric, lies, or obfuscation to earn points in a debate. You will not find me resorting to straw men who cannot stand up in the slightest breeze…yet for so many who seem intent on justifying their present position outside the church they were raised in, these tactics seem par for the course.

Good open debate can bring glory to God if both parties are willing to pursue and love the truth, but it appears to me that in many cases, particularly from ex pastors who ought to know better, misrepresenting our position on certain doctrines, misleading others to believe lies about our true position, is inexcusable, irresponsible, and is very closely related to those Pharisees and hypocrites who accused Jesus of having a devil. Refusing to acknowledge truth, they have to invent lies to justify their disloyalty. So sad that Christians should resort to such tactics. May God forgive them.


One thought on “Dishonest Apologetics

  1. Thanks Brakelite

    I read your comments defending the seventh day on the Defending/contending website on Seventh day adventism exposed. I came in for similar treatment while defending the same. They wrestle with God on the Sabbath not man, let us rest in Him alone.

    SDA church

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