Will it ever Stop?

My last few posts have dealt with my firm belief  that a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ can heal people from addictions, deliver from the bondage of sin, and lift people out of that curse, depression.

New Zealand, where I write from, is among the worst nations in the world statistically for suicide, particularly among teens. To visit N.Z. one wouldn’t think anyone could be depressed in this most beautiful of countries. Reasonably affluent, multi-racial with little racial animosity, educational opportunities for most everyone, and a social security system that supports those who fall through the cracks, along with any number of sporting and social past-times and associated activities to keep one physically occupied and mentally challenged, the statistics are difficult to comprehend.

Except for one thing. N.Z. is also one of the most secular countries in the world. All the above institutions, activities and past-times are limited in their effectiveness  if devoid of that one attribute that comes only from God. Love.

My daughter, who is in her late twenties, visited her neighbour just last night to discover to her horror that he had taken his own life. How utterly sad. Another statistic, but more than that. Another  precious life wasted.

So again my friends, I cannot emphasise enough, Jesus does love you. With a passion! And He is waiting, knocking at the door of your heart, desperate for you to let Him in and start His work of healing, loving, and giving you His power to live secure, peaceful, joyous, productive purposeful lives. Invite Him in today.

May God bless you all.

3 thoughts on “Will it ever Stop?

  1. So sad to hear that there is a high rate of suicides in your hometown. We know in John 14 Jesus said “He that believes in me, I annoint he with my Holy Spirit to be able to do the things that I shall do”… so if you wish to see those young adults healed, you can lay hands on those youngsters and they will be healed in the name of Jesus! I believe as long as you are praying and keeping these young adults in prayer they too will be healed from suicidal thoughts! God Bless!

    • In my recent enquiries on the subject of depression, I have found that the reasons for depression can be extremely complex and varied. Any two or three people may show entirely different symptoms and require completely different approaches to help the healing process. Prayer is essential yes, but also essential is personal friendship, unconditional love, and commitment. God answers prayers,sometimes directly intervening, but mostly He answers them using us. If we pray but are unwilling to be used as His vessel for healing, then our prayers will rise no further than the roof.

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