Jesus is Alive!

If there is anything you, the reader, take away from this short post, I would that it be a sure belief and acceptance of these three powerful words. Jesus is alive! It is the concept of a living resurrected Jesus that makes Christianity different from every other faith system on the planet. It is the truth, the all pervading fundamental truth, that true religion is about a personal, emotional, and  intimate relationship with Jesus Christ that makes our faith in Him unique and life changing.  It is Jesus Christ Himself, and through our relationship with Him, that gives us an enduring hope; that brings spiritual, mental and physical healing; that establishes a sublime inner peace (not an existential or new age type peace that results from meditation etc, but a peace that comes from knowing and receiving forgiveness from God… peace with God being the ultimate peace) and offers power to make peace with others; that engenders love, and motivates us to share that love with even our enemies; that strengthens faith to move mountains; that fosters contentment in any situation; and ultimately promises a life of eternal happiness with our Creator, for which purpose we were first made.

Religion becomes a mere superficial appearance of spirituality when all we have is a set of beliefs, a book of doctrinal creeds, or a set of traditions that we follow out of habit or self discipline. While doctrines and traditions are important,  it must be remembered that there is in heaven a living, personal loving Creator God who cares enough about you to die for you, who loves you intensely and seeks constantly to be a part of your everyday life.

He is concerned about your problems, and wants to make them His own. He cares about your distresses, your worries, your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions, your successes and failures, your disabilities, your handicaps, your strengths, your talents. And if you give your life to Him, and are willing that He work in your life, He will see to it that you meet your absolute fullest potential in this life, and rejoice and celebrate life in the next.  Jesus Christ is one friend you can trust. With everything.


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