The Law of Sin and Death

Rom_8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

What is/was the law of sin and death, and what made me free from it, and how did that work?
Am I free from condemnation because the law is taken out of the way, or because I am forgiven?When my children were small, I would ask them to do some chores. Sometimes, thankfully not often, I would come home and find some of the chores not done or completed. I would remind them of what I asked, and they realised they were all of a sudden “under the law”, they stood condemned. However, being the loving dad I would forgive them, and now, they were under grace. They were very happy about that. But the chores still remained undone, and my requirements that they be completed still stood. The difference though is that now I was home and I could help them. Even more grace! So should my children have continued to disobey my commands in order to grace abound? Or do you think that they should not only have done them in the first place, but most certainly after having being forgiven, done them later?

Likewise, do you not think that after having being forgiven our sins, ought we not be even more eager to obey God’s commandments now that we are under grace, and not under condemnation of the law? For is it not still God’s will that we refrain from murder, theft, adultery, covetousness, and lying? Is it still not God’s will that we don’t worship other gods, that we place Him as our priority in life, that we should not remove the holiness from His name, nor the holiness from His day? And is it not also true that God is more than willing to give us abundantly of His Spirit that we may walk always in His ways?

My way of thinking is that as we focus wholly on Christ, we become like Him. The more time we spend with Him, the more like Him we become. Yes? So what is the best way to measure how we are progressing in our relationship with Him? Is not the law of God a mirror to our soul? Is it not in place to inform us of our shortcomings, our frailties, and our weaknesses? Does it not reveal those areas where we need to repent and re-surrender our whole lives to our Creator God that He may sanctify and cleanse us from that sin? Even Paul extolled the law as being good, holy and honourable when it pointed out his covetousness. He was thankful for that because he wanted to live a life of true holiness before His God. Ought not we?

I agree that love is the ultimate end for those who grow to be Christlike. Jesus said that upon the two great commandments, loving God and our neighbour, hang all the law and the prophets. In other words, the law and the prophets are a detailed reflection of the true meaning of love. So when Jesus said we are to love one another, He wasn’t doing away with the law, He was informing us how to keep the law. Through love.

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