A Dying World.

There is an astonishing and seriously shocking series of world-wide phenomena that has the scientific world utterly perplexed, and equally concerned. What is happening is the large scale death rates of various vital species of fish/animal/bird/insect life essential to the survival of the planet.
Entire colonies of bees are disappearing from hives throughout the world. No-one knows where they are going, nor why. This is having a very serious effect on pollination rates, particularly in the US, to the point where if this continues as it has been for the last decade, a crisis in food supply is imminent.A crisis that without pollination will never be solved.
Bats have been seen flying around in the middle of winter when they ought to be hibernating. A fungi has been attacking living flesh…a fungi that is normally relatively benign and eats only dead tissue. Scientists have no idea why it has crossed to live tissue. It is killing the bats by the thousands. Entire caves are being wiped out in a very short space of time. Bats eat billions of insects eg mosquitoes, every might. Without this natural enemy, mosquitoes will populate exponentially, and become a major threat to other animal species , including humans.
Birds, entire flocks of them, have been falling out of the sky for no apparent reason.
Fish, thousands of them, have been washed up dead on beaches in many places.
Diseases that 10 years ago were no threat, are now crossing over into the human population at a rate of 5 new diseases every year. All of them come from animal/bird species…viruses and diseases that are crossing over from one species to another. eg bird flu, aids.
Scientists are convinced that it is only a matter of time that a world wide pandemic will wipe out a very large segment of the population of the world. Like the black death in Europe in the dark ages that destroyed a third of the population.

Nature is fast becoming unbalanced. Add the above to the extremes of climate and weather being experienced everywhere, and you can be absolutely certain that these events are but the beginning of greater and more disastrous events yet to come.

We are quickly approaching a crisis of monumental proportions that in our human strength will be impossible to survive. It is time to pray. It is time to make your election and salvation sure. Seek truth, seek life, seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness like never before. Time is short. And finally, share the good news of the gospel with everyone you meet while it is still legal to do so.

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