Christian Unity.

There is a cry going forth from mainstream Christianity that the current disunity within Christendom needs to be addressed, and that uniting on those points upon which all can agree must be pursued with vigor in order to keep the Christian message alive and relevant to a post-modern society. Whilst it is indeed true that the number of Christian denominations, and independent churches,are many, and increasing exponentially, ‘unity’ at all costs, particularly at the cost of truth, must be avoided by any and all means.

The Bible tells us (for those who claim the name of Christ and still believe in the Bible) that the time is coming that the only denominations will be those who have accepted the mark of the beast and are worshiping according to the government dictates. They are the daughters of the Mother, Babylon the Great. Because they have left the truth, they have become harlots in the same character as their mother from whom they originally came. This will leave only a small minority, a united movement who resist the majority traditions and pressures of the NWO, If they were at any stage a denomination, it has long been annulled by government decree due to their practicing their religion according to the Bible, and the Bible only. Teaching the true gospel, they will be accused of hate speech, hated of all nations for Christ’s sake, and be considered the execration of society. Accused of being the cause of God’s judgments falling upon the earth, they will in the end be sentenced to death. This is they who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.(Revel. 12:17; 14:12) They are the only ones patiently waiting for Christ’s coming. And the only ones to be translated when He appears in glory. The majority have long given up hope of the second coming; the Bible is no longer seen as relevant to modern society, its history shrouded even now in doubt and skepticism; and doctrine no longer viewed as necessary to salvation, because today there are as many roads that lead to heaven as there are that lead to Rome.
The minority believers are united in the cause for truth, in the preaching of truth in the power of the Holy Spirit, in the living of truth by their living faith in the grace of God. One with Jesus and the Father, empowered by the Spirit of God, they love one another and their chief priority in life is to see as many people as possible come out of Babylon into a saving relationship with Christ.
They have a Truth they know is not to be compromised, and with courage and selfless love for lost souls, they repudiate everything not in harmony with that Truth.
Soon “let us be united” will be the rallying cry of the majority. And unite they will, but under a banner of error and deception.
Beware of false calls to unity. Have a look at Matthew 24:4-9. Note that up to the first part of verse 7, the world is in utter disarray. Wars and rumors of wars, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom. This has been the state of this world since Cain slew Abel. Conflict has been the one constant thread that is woven throughout human history. But note that in verse 9 there is a major shift. We see the nations of the world united for the very first time…united against the church! But let us pause a little and also consider Revelation 13:3…all the world wondered after the beast…. 8: and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship.…14: and deceiveth them that dwell upon the earth…The whole world is going to be deceived into false worship. This will not be Islam. Babylon the Great is a symbol of the Roman Catholic Church. The world will be deceived into worshiping according to Roman tradition; they will believe they are worshiping according to the truth, for they are deceived. Thus the final great conflict of the ages is not between atheism and theism, but will be between two brothers, one worshiping according to truth and revelation, the other according to tradition and occultist and demonic new age philosophy. An end time repeat of Cain and Abel. What evils and wickedness that permeated religious intolerance  during the 1ooo odd years of papal dominion in Europe during the dark ages will be repeated on a global scale with as much ardor, fanaticism, and violence as the worst of the inquisitions of the past.

Our allegiances in those days will not about denominations but about truth and obedience to the commandments of God as opposed to the commandments of men.

The coming separation of Christianity under the aegis of the false prophet is the separation we ought to be more concerned about. For then there will be only two sides. How do you know you wont be deceived along with the rest of the world? How do you know you aren’t already deceived and ripe picking for the coming NWO? What is it about your beliefs and faith that makes you different from the vast majority of Christianity who will take the side of the Antichrist and worship the beast and his image?

2 thoughts on “Christian Unity.

  1. to consider; “Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name … that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you…” (1 Cor 1:10)

    Seeking unity can be a good thing….in fact it is something that we as Christians are called to seek. Obviously it doesn’t mean we are to sacrifice our common sense and worship a golden calf….but learning how to set aside our differences on the non-essentials is an important element in being a follower of Christ.

    The Pharisees were obsessed with creating division; they worshipped the law (i.e. the bible)….and jesus came along to say, “hey dudes…’re so obsessed with the letter of the law that you have entirely missed the spirit of the law”……it was the Pharisees (the religious leaders) that Jesus condemned…not the people on the bottom.

    happy new year 🙂

    • Jesus’ prayer in John 17 is a prayer for unity…unity of the same fashion as jesus has with His father…a unity of the church with Christ. It is as we unite with jesus that we become united with one another. As two converging lines meet at the one point, so also will individual members of the church unite and converge as they meet with Jesus.
      There is within Christendom a powerful belief that there will soon be a rise of a world dictator (the Antichrist) who outlaws the Christian religion and forces the world into idolatry with himself as the idol. After much prayer, study and reading I have come to a rather different conclusion. The world, currently divided by denominational, ethnic, racial, religious, political and secular beliefs, is forced, or rather deceived, to unite in a form of worship to the beast. So rather than religion being outlawed, it is in fact soon to be promoted but in a specific direction dictated by the powers of government in union with church authorities. This dictate will encompass the majority. The vast majority. It will be a remnant, a small minority that clings to true worship.
      What divides the two parties, the true and the false, will be determined by the word of God. Both sides believe they have the truth. Both sides believe they are worshiping the true God, even Jesus. Both sides believe they are going to heaven, and the other hell. Both sides believe they are ‘Christian’.
      What we all need to ask ourselves is what is it about your current faith that convinces you that it is Truth and not the anti-christ counterfeit that even today is flooding our churches, seminaries, and bible colleges?….and will soon be foisted upon an unsuspecting world and church and lead billions to hell?
      Unity is in our relation ship: as we focus on our relationship with Jesus, sharing His love and fostering relationships with others, non-essentials will fall away and all we will be left with are those vital truths that secure our salvation…the love of God as revealed at Calvary. Sadly, prophetic revelation informs us that the relationship the majority believe they have is in fact a sham, a deception based on false emotion and false doctrinal foundations.
      Happy New Year to you to.

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