Ecumenism…further reasons why we ought resist.

It is more than just doctrine that gives powerful reason to turn away with utter repugnance to any unity with the Roman church. Some may be wondering why I am so much against the Roman church. Bigotry? Misguided faith? Misinformed as to the character of the modern Roman church? I have no fear of your judgement in this matter. Apart from doctrinal differences which I am strongly against compromising, and apart from the clear prophetic indicators that identify the papacy as Antichrist, which indicators I have written of in many posts throughout the forum, the following information ought on its own be sufficient to make one spew blood at the very thought of any unity, under any circumstances, with the Vatican. What is exposed here is not in the public limelight. Why not? And what is more horrifying is not so much what it reveals, but the potential of evil that it hides. The information here described applies to just two or three generations. The papacy has been around for 1500 years.

There are many genuine Christians in the Catholic communion, living to the fullest according to what light they have. I have such a burden for those who are entrapped and deceived by this monstrous evil. God calls you out my Catholic friends and brothers who love Jesus. He says,

Re 18:4 …. Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

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