Middle East Turmoil

So there’s a huge escalation to the war in Syria with the increase of presence with Russia raising the ante by firing cruise missiles into the mix, and the introduction of the specialist Spetsnaz ground troops into the fray. These missiles were fired from the Arabian gulf, which meant they flew over the top of Iraqui and Iranian airspace formerly dominated by the US airforce. This escalation was however not without a warning. Putin humiliated and insulted the US by sending a junior general into the local American embassy with a couple of hours notice…”we’re coming in so stay out”.
While on the surface this looks like the typical kind of posturing and aggression we are all familiar with, this latest incident has left me wondering. Putin has made a lot of noise of late, not so much against the nation of the US, but against the international globalists and the banking cartels…the ‘establishment’ of the west now so intent on establishing the NWO.
The US says the missiles were directed at the Syrian rebels, while Russia says they were directed at ISIS strongholds in Syria. So I’m wondering, who really is this action directed at? What is going on behind the scenes that the NWO controlled media isn’t telling us? We hear so much from the western media against the Syrian leader Assad that he must go. The US arming of the Syrian rebels showing how serious the US is. Why? Gas and oil resources
are said to be at stake, but one must take into account the regional involvement of the US in local affairs…all under that generic euphemism…war against terror…all stemming from the 9/11 hoax so many years ago. Is the whole shermozzle totally confusing? Can anyone really with any confidence make any sense of what is going on?
No, not really. And that is the point…I don’t believe we are meant to. So the ONLY way to stop one from going insane and turning yourself inside out trying to understand what is going on, one must place it all in the context of Biblical prophecy. We must always keep in mind that the perplexity of the nations Jesus warned of in Luke 21 need not mean God’s people need be perplexed. The wars we witness with our eyes are really nothing but a faint mirror image of warfare between spiritual powers that is heating up immediately prior to the culmination of human history….”Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

One thought on “Middle East Turmoil

  1. Not that the confusion we witness in the Middle East is confusing to those powers instigating the wars and mayhem. Orchestrated confusion can result in positive results for those in power. After the recent Paris atrocity, where the innocent once again become the expendable pawns in international politics, we know what the result will be. Increased surveillance of citizens going about their daily routines…a loss of freedoms with regard to movement, media, speech…and an induced sense of fear and anger directed at anyone with Muslim connections.
    When other factors are introduced into the mix, such as the powerful evidence of the support of western powers for ISIS and the refusal to take them on in the field, despite having the technology and power to do so, one is left with a sense of inevitability of a continuation of increasing crisis, mounting death tolls, greater suffering, more enforced refugee chaos along with all the crime and violence that accompanies those with nothing left to lose, until such time the ultimate solution becomes the only option.
    I am reminded of the old adage common among sales and advertising people. Create a need, magnify the negative, supply the solution. Since the first world war, perhaps longer, we have witnessed this in action in international politics, where war, rebellion, terrorism, has been used to create a problem which when come to full fruition, will demand only one viable solution to a world disgusted, disillusioned, and worn out. The answer? A global religion uniting all religions under the auspices of the Pope, enforcing through the various governments left intact after the chaos Roman dogma and doctrine, returning the world to the superstitions, the nonsense, and the persecutions of the dark ages.
    Religious liberty, a treasure fought for for so many centuries, will become nothing but a memory. But such a scenario does not mean that there is not an individual solution. God has not been taken surprise by these latest developments. He understands what is going on and warned us all through the prophetic word in the Bible what the outcome would be for the world, and has made provision for it. Surrender your lives to Jesus Christ; enter into a personal relationship with Him today, and let Him be your strength. There is an alternative being a slave to the coming crisis. While life in the immediate future will no doubt be difficult, and disasters both man-made and natural will increase, knowing that the God of the universe is watching out for you and promising whatever courage, strength, and help despite your circumstances, will bring great hope and assurance, both for what remains for life on this earth, and in the next.

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