Where are you heading?

“Nooo, I don’t think so, not yet. I think God wants to hold me back from being all I can be. I think He wants to take away things that are for my good.”
Does that ring a bell with anyone? I ask because that is what I believed before I finally came to Jesus. I thought He would be restrictive. I thought He would hold back stuff that was good for me, and take away stuff I needed to keep me happy. Just like Adam and Eve thought before they fell. When Satan convinced them that eating of the forbidden tree was to their advantage…they would be like God. They thought that by restricting their choices, God was holding something back that was to their good. Are you afraid that God doesn’t want what is best for you? It is a lie. Don’t believe it.
You know its interesting. In Eden there was a vast forest of good things that Adam and Eve were welcome to, and just one tree that was forbidden. Like a great broad highway of freedom and delight where they could go wherever they wished, with the exception of just one tiny place. Today that paradigm is now turned on its head. Now in the world there are vast arrays of forbidden evil trees bearing bad fruit…all of which are poisonous to those who would partake, resulting in death…but very few truly good trees that are beneficial. Now its a wide road that leads to destruction, and a narrow road that leads to life.
What road are you on? Are you wandering along aimlessly with the majority with no particular place to go thinking you are free and enjoying independence? That’s a lie to. You are bound and are restricted by your own narrow self-interest. Only in Jesus is there true freedom. Only in Jesus can you ever find your true potential. Only in Jesus will you never again have to hide away behind bushes because of shame and embarrassment.
Just as He walked the garden after Adam and Eve fell, so today Jesus is now walking the earth in these final days calling for His lost sheep…”Where are you?”


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