Not at all as it Seems.

The media is now claiming that rather than being lied to, Bush was mistaken when he thought there were WMDs in Iraq. It is now believed that the intelligence was faulty, mistaken. No war takes place on the scale of the Iraq war without the unified and combined agreement of the powers that be…those who behind the scenes control and manipulate international affairs to establish their coming NWO. Whatever information was provided to Bush and his fellow leaders in Europe, was deliberately fashioned to obtain a specific response…a response from those who are in service to those same powers….and designed to placate a public’s questions. We need to look at the big picture.
We have three hated religion/political/state unions each vying for survival and power…Islam; American right-wing Protestantism; and Zionism ….and refugees, some troublesome, most simply trying to find a safe haven…are pawns. The result of all the present mayhem is a world population getting heartily sick and tired of the bloodshed, the confusion, the confict, the perplexities, the lies, the political manipulative processes that are supporting the fiasco, the false flags and psyops engendered to deceive, etc etc. We, or at least most of us, are informed sufficiently to understand and recognize the Hegelian principles at work here. We have constant war…antithesis and thesis…politics…antithesis and thesis…religious friction…antithesis and thesis. So who or what organization is truly manipulating these events? Is it really the Zionist banksters and their Israeli allies in Mossad etc? Or is it really the current or even the previous administrations in the US? Is it really the Muslim brotherhood or the Ayotollahs in Iran, Saudi Arabia?
Or is there someone else standing on the sidelines preparing to gather the spoils when the dust settles? Who has thus far remained seemingly innocent of all involvement in any of the nasty stuff that has been going on, has thus far maintained a cordial relationship with ALL the protagonists in the conflicts, and is currently seeking to even further establish friendly relations with all of them? 12243595_1081879371852452_4609944770213412120_n
Who is truly the one to become the synthesis of the present conflict? We have a great deal of animosity against at least one, if not all, of the present combatants, yet the real culprit is continuing his work seemingly blameless….and when the world has had enough…when the world is on the very verge of revolution that could and would destroy everything…then this “innocent” shall step forward and proclaim a solution. “I can make peace” he will say. And he will be welcomed by the entire planet and we will have our synthesis. The powers that be who have created all this evil in the first place will finally have what they want…and it will be us who give it to them. But the peace will come at a price. Our lives will never be the same again. Our lives will never be our own again. This planet will then become one massive prison…and we will be the inmates. Whether we realize it or not.




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