American Unrest

If anyone thinks that what is happening across communities in the US is normal and not worthy of attention, you are asleep and need a good kick. This kind of police action is far from normal, and the reaction from citizenry is far from normal. These events are being deliberately fomented to destroy constitutional democracy in America…and they are succeeding. And the goal? Inflame the people so far that they will be willing to cry out to anybody for relief. This may not take place tomorrow, but I know from whence that “relief” will come.
It will come from a Satanically devised and engineered Protestant theocracy, a mirror image to the Roman Catholic theocracy of the Middle Ages. America, as much as I admire and love you, your leaders are taking you down a path from which there is no return. Total complete national ruin. It’s coming. Religious liberty as you have enjoyed it for 200 years is soon to become an extinct species.

I believe this for two reasons. First and foremost, Bible prophecy…second, current observation and knowledge of the ambitions and goals of such as the Jesuits, of whom the current pope is one. The Protestant (extreme right wing) theocracy being now promoted will ultimately submit to papal authority, and coalesce into a global one world religion to which all other religions will gravitate. All socially orchestrated from Rome, with the ulimate goal of world domination from there.

One thought on “American Unrest

  1. Good article..mainstream “christianity” is, indeed, following the pagan based Roman religious system
    and they continue to do so in increasing numbers…the Roman church will be, ultimately the end times religion, which will force sunday closing on all businesses and people to worship on that day…the true Sabbath keepers of the Holy seventh day (Genesis 2 and Exodus 20) will be persecuted, ridiculed as heretics…talk about history repeating itself, it will happen…2nd Thess 2 3&4
    the antichrist sits in the temple of God, showing he is…Revelation 17 identifies this beast power as non other than the pope of the pagan based Roman religious system..who thinks to change God’s times and laws (Daniel 7)

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