Scriptural Roots

Though Tyndale is known as the father of the modern Bible, it is true that there were numerous copies of the scriptures in Britain before Tyndale. These however were not derived from the corrupted Latin Vulgate, but from the Syriac or Peshitta translations of Lucian of Antioch. These formed the basis of the Cristian faith of such venerable Christians such as Dinooth, Aiden, Patrick, Columba and Columbanus of the Celtic church. Also the Waldensian Christians of northern Italy and southern France, as well as the Gaelic believers throughout Asia minor. The Christianity which came to these Celtic and Gaelic people was apostolic…it came direct from missionaries from Palestine and Syria, as did their scriptures, not from Rome, which by that time was slowly being corrupted by Origen, whose philosophies has been inculcated into Jeromes Bible, with Eusebius’ editorial help he also being a fan of Origen.

Also, it is mentioned by different authors such as Dr. Adam Clarke, who claim that the examination of Irish customs reveals that they have elements which were imported into Ireland from Asia Minor by early Christians. Since Italy, France, and Great Britain were once provinces of the Roman Empire, the first translations of the Bible by the early Christians in those parts were written in Latin. This is not the ‘high Latin’ which later became known only in academic circles, but ‘low Latin’, which throughout the early Roman Empire was the common language of the people. The early Latin translations were very dear to the hearts of these primitive churches, and as the Roman Church did not send any missionaries toward the West before 250 A.D., the early Latin Bibles were well established before these churches came into conflict with Rome. Not only were such translations in existence long before the Vulgate was adopted by the Papacy, and well established, but the people for centuries refused to supplant their old Latin Bibles by the Vulgate. “The old Latin versions were used longest by the western Christians who would not bow to the authority of Rome — e. g., the Donatists; the Irish in Ireland, Britain, and the Continent; the Albigenses, etc.”

What brought about Tyndale’s untimely demise could be attributed to two things. One, his constant objections and debates with local priests and bishops over Catholic superstitions, and two, the fact that the translation into English which he offered the people was deeply influenced by Erasmus, a student of the Greek NT and advocate for the line of manuscripts derived from the italic/Syriac Peshitta which the early church used as opposed to the Vaticanus which by then was exclusively Rome’s favourite. A Bible in the hands of the common people in their own language which exposed Rome’s deceptions and false doctrines was what brought about the English reformation.
The commonly diffused Catholic argument that the Catholic Church “preserved the sacred scriptures for 2000 years” and that if not for the Catholic Church “we would not have a Bible” is patently false, a lie, and an attempt to establish a myth as fact. It is said by the RCC that it was in 400AD, or thereabouts, that the church got all the manuscripts together to form the “first Bible’. That also is a lie. Throughout Christendom Bibles existed from the 2nd century, and were carefully copied into the language of the day, the lower Latin, throughout the western Roman empire. They all were derived from Antioch, in Syria, where God’s people were first called Christians, and these Bibles or portions thereof were spread throughout the churches of Asia minor, Persia, India, Europe and Britain. The later version of Rome, the Vulgate, was rejected by these churches as being inferior and corrupt…the older italic versions continued to be used so long as the lower latin language was spoken, upward of 1000 years….and in those lands where the Romans had no influence, it was kept in the languages of the local people, all without any influence, protection, or sponsorship or credit going to Rome at all.

It is sad but true that Catholics today are still only too ready to accept their church’s lies without any open and honest investigation into the facts of history, and are thus completely duped. It is time that Catholics woke up and realized that the reformation didn’t come about because some odd priest here and there started teaching heresy. The reformation came about because after reading the actual scriptures for themselves instead of taking their teachers word for what they said, many very serious and highly educated Bible scholars discovered that it was Rome who was the true Antichrist of the Bible, began to ‘protest’ the truth of scripture and object to the ridiculous superstitions and heresies and false doctrines of their own church. Seeking to “reform” the church they loved, they met with a brick wall and stubborn refusal to repent, and were forced out. Excommunicated, persecuted, and the majority killed. Along with the followers. Their writings burned. Their Bibles burned. The homes destroyed. Their lands stolen. And thus was the “preservation of Biblical truth” applied by Mother. What is even more sad is the ease with which the Protestant churches which developed from these courageous founders, are returning to Mother, and thus fulfilling the prophecy which names them harlots. It is only one completely ignorant of scripture who could pretend that the Lutheran Federation and the Catholic Church now agrees 100% on justification by faith alone. Luther, if he weren’t now a small pile of dust, would be tearing his hair out.


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