Traffic can be hell. Distractions, speeding, intolerance, abuse, rudeness…and much more can make traveling from one place to another a nightmare. It can be frustrating, dangerous, confusing, fraught with near misses and worse, at times one can get lost, even never reaching the intended destination.

Which brings me to the ‘brakelite’. A bright warning light on the rear of the vehicles ahead that scream ‘hold-up’, ‘slow down’, or even ‘STOP’, but always when displayed it gives the following driver pause, and awakens one senses to seriously consider the way ahead. To evaluate the options, and choose wisely, hopefully, a safe line of travel, even if necessary in certain circumstances like a ‘detour’,  turning around and going another way,.

‘Brakelite’ is the pseudonym  I write under. For precisely the same reasons as described above. My hope is that as one reads my articles they will pause, consider their options, and choose wisely their way ahead. My hope and prayer is that all who read will safely arrive one day at the New Jerusalem, where we may meet by the grace of God and never more to worry over traffic jams.

God bless.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Brendan – Really appreciated your contribution at church on April 2. Your thoughtful methodology in presenting the lesson study brought it all together nicely. Thanks. Tony

  2. Dear Brakelight, I just stumbled upon an SDA bashing website. I was going to write in and challenge the accusers to come and open the Bible with me so that we can see who is following the Bible and who isn’t. Then I found your last write in. What a great job you did ! I think you shut them up.
    I have found that when I challenge those who call us a cult and do their best to keep others away from us, to come and discuss scripture, they run away. I have not yet gotten one accuser to open a Bible with me.
    Thank you so much for your posting, I am sure you have helped many see the truth.

    Your Brother in Christ Lenny.
    If you are ever in the Boston area please contact me.
    My email is theciviccenter@yahoo.com

  3. Thanks Brakelite

    I read your comments defending the seventh day on the Defending/contending website on Seventh day adventism exposed. I came in for similar treatment while defending the same. They wrestle with God on the Sabbath issue not man, let us rest in Him alone.

    SDA church

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